Existing company

International consulting enterprise Stronghold offers a fully remote solution and support for purchasing an existing company in Slovakia.


The corporate income tax rate in Slovakia is 21%. There is a reduced rate of 15% that applies if a company’s revenue doesn’s exceed 49 790.00 €. Dividends are taxed at a rate of 10%.


There are 2 types of VAT registration in Slovakia: §7(a) which is easy to obtain and is only needed to deal with EU companies and §4 which enables the VAT return on trade operations. It can be obtained voluntarily or it becomes mandatory after reaching a turnover of €49,790.00, which must come from domestic trade operations, not international transactions.

Documents required to purchase existing company in Slovakia

  • Agreement on the transfer of a business shares;
  • Founder’s and director’s IDs (copies);
  • Director’s certificate of good conduct with an apostille (not older than 90 days) and legal translation by a certified Slovak translator;
  • Company charter;
  • Power of attorney;
  • Affidavit that the founder has no unpaid debt in Slovakia;
  • Affidavit that the founder doesn’t solely own more than three legal entities in Slovakia;
  • Director’s specimen signature.

Information regarding purchase of existing company in Slovakia

Buying an existing company in Slovakia can be a fully remote process. After we receive your information, we’ll prepare the required documents, assist with finding a registered office, and help with documents’ translation. You’ll only need to certify your signature on the documents.

This can be done in three ways:
1. You can sign the documents at your local notary, have them apostilled, and then have them legally translated and notarized by a certified Slovak translator.
2. You can sign the documents at the Slovak consulate in your country and then simply mail them to us.
3. You can sign them at any Slovak notary.

Process of re-registration will commence immediately after we receive the signed documents along with the director’s certificate of good conduct.