Welcome to international consulting enterprise headquartered in Slovakia. With a presence since the late 2010s, we specialize in providing valuable services such as bank account opening, company formation, and crypto licensing within Slovakia and the EU.

Why Choose Us?

  • Expertise: Our seasoned professionals are well-versed in EU regulations and procedures.

  • Tailored Solutions: Our team provides personalized services to meet your bank account and company formation needs.

  • Client-Centric Approach: We prioritize client satisfaction and continually strive to deliver exceptional results.

  • Compliance: Our services are designed to ensure your business operates in compliance with EU regulations.

Our Services

Bank Account Assistance: We offer guidance and support to help you open bank accounts in the EU, tailored to your specific needs.

Company Formation: Our expertise is in helping clients buy or create companies in the Slovakia and the EU, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements.

Crypto Licensing: Our consultants assist in securing the necessary crypto licenses to operate within the legal framework.

For your banking, company formation, and crypto licensing needs within the EU, rely on us as your trusted partners. Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can assist you in opening bank accounts, buying or creating companies, or obtaining crypto licenses in the European Union. We are dedicated to your success in the EU market, and your feedback is essential in helping us continually improve our services.

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